Choosing to study in Australia gives you access to high quality education, and doubles as an amazing travel location. Enjoy the opportunity to further your studies during the semester, and further your cultural experience during holiday break periods. Here are just five reasons why you should choose to study in Australia.


  1. Six universities are listed in the top 100 universities worldwide. This means graduates are receiving a high quality education, something future employers will look favourably upon. The system is regulated by the Government in order to ensure you are receiving a high standard of education across the nation when you choose to study in Australia.


  1. Third highest number of International students in the world. Australia is a very popular destination to study, with its number of international students only outranked by the UK and the US. There are a diverse range of courses on offer at universities and colleges across the nation, with each institution offering something different to their students. This means you have more flexibility in where and what you wish to study in Australia.


  1. Great work opportunities for students. International students are able to work up to 40 hours a fortnight on a student visa allowing you some extra pocket money to be able to see the fantastic sights Australia has to offer. Post-study work visas are also available for graduates, giving internationals the opportunity to start a new career in a new country.


  1. Multicultural nation. Almost half of Australians are either born overseas, or have a parent who was born overseas. With such a culturally diverse population, universities and colleges are full of all different nationalities; international students will easily fit in amongst the local students.


  1. Government grants and scholarships. The Australian Government recognises the great education system this country has to offer its students, and is helping international students who study in Australia benefit too by offering more than $200 million in scholarships to assist in their tertiary education.

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