English proficiency testing is essential for both your Australian studies and visa applications. To gain admission into any of Australia’s leading education providers, you will need to be able to provide proof of acceptable English skill levels that meet the minimum language requirements set by each institution. The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection require you to demonstrate acceptable English skills for visa applications.

english proficiency testing

Who requires English Proficiency Results?

  • The Australian DIBP require you to demonstrate adequate English skill levels for visa applications into the country.
  • Education institutions when processing course admissions
  • Employers and professional associations when processing job applications

What is involved in English proficiency testing?

English skills testing is assessed based on four skills: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. You will be required to respond accordingly to your assessor in each section and be marked based on accuracy, range of vocabulary and grammar.

Preparing for your English proficiency test

Even native English speakers are encouraged to study for this form of testing, so second language students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the online free resources available to help improve your chances of success. Ensure you check the minimum score requirements for you intended Australian education provider or visa application so you are aware of the scores required for successful entry. Familiarising yourself with the test formats and doing sample questions including spoken and written examples, will be a huge advantage.

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