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Red Cross Help for international students


Red Cross is receiving funding from the Australian Government for the next six months to deliver emergency relief and casework support.

The funds have not arrived and not sure of how much is available for the 100,000s of stranded visa holders. Assistance will include food, medicine, and crisis accommodation costs. Visa holders may be eligible for Red Cross Safety Net support if they: are in Australia on a temporary visa are in urgent financial hardship cannot access Centrelink, Medicare or similar services have no income, savings or other financial support (including from family overseas).

Eligible visa holders are requested to contact the Red Cross by email in the first instance so that can be advised when the funds and arrangements are in place.

Here is some important information about this funding:

  • These funds are for people on temporary visas who have no way to support themselves and who have urgent needs. This includes food, medicine and crisis accommodation costs.
  • We have not yet received these funds but hope to increase our existing Emergency Relief and Safety Net program in the coming weeks.
  • Because of COVID-19, we will not distribute funds from our offices, but we will provide assistance by phone and email during business hours.

We will work as quickly as possible with the Department of Social Services to finalise the details of the funding and expand assistance to people who are experiencing significant vulnerability.

Who is eligible?
You may be eligible for Red Cross Safety Net support if you:

  • are in Australia on a temporary visa
  • are in urgent financial hardship
  • cannot access Centrelink, Medicare or similar services
  • have no income, savings or other financial support (including from family overseas).

Please know that we provide assistance based on need. We have to prioritise people withurgent needs, such as families with young children, people with a disability, people who are experiencing harm, people who are vulnerable to COVID-19, and people with physical or mental health issues.

For more information and How to apply, please visit this page.

Changes to Australian Citizenship bill back on the agenda

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has begun negotiations to reinstate the Citizenship bill changes, despite the original proposal being denied by senate this week.

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Senate says “No” to Australian Citizenship Changes

What is being deemed a win for migrants, as the proposed Citizenship Laws were rejected following a Senate Debate. The changes to the Citizenship laws would have meant increased English requirements, good character assessments and bans on any applicants who failed criminal background checks.

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How to Study for your English Proficiency Assessment

English proficiency testing is essential for both your Australian studies and visa applications. To gain admission into any of Australia’s leading education providers, you will need to be able to provide proof of acceptable English skill levels that meet the minimum language requirements set by each institution. The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection require you to demonstrate acceptable English skills for visa applications.

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Short-term travel visa options to Australia

Australia is an excellent place to visit with its rich culture, pristine sandy beaches and expansive outback – however, if you want to come and experience this country’s national attractions, you will need a travel visa.

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A guide to tax time in Australia for International Students

If you have been studying in Australia for longer than six months, you will be required to lodge an Australian tax return as international student. This means you will pay tax on your earnings in Australia at the same rate as Australian residents, and are entitled to the tax-free threshold ($18, 200).

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Want the chance to win FREE movie tickets for you and a friend?

Simply apply for your course or college change through us to go into the prize draw. Enter your contact details below and one our friendly team will be in touch to start your enrolment application with us.

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Australian 457 visa changes – 2017

The Australian Government has announced there will be a series of reforms and alterations made to the current employer sponsor visa system. The reforms include abolishing the Temporary Work (Skilled) (subclass 457) visa (457 visa) and replacing it with the completely new Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) visa in March 2018. The TSS will support businesses in addressing genuine skill shortages in their workforce and will contain a number of safeguards which prioritise Australian workers. Over the next year, the reforms will slowly be introduced until taking effect completely in March 2018.

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Adjustments to Perth RSMS Applications

Applications for the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme in Perth are closed, pending review, as the newly elected Labor government announced it intends to remove Perth from the list of approved regional locations for RSMS applications.

The scheme was developed by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection to allow skilled migrants to fill employment vacancies where there is a genuine need for paid employment.

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Why you should choose to study in Australia

Choosing to study in Australia gives you access to high quality education, and doubles as an amazing travel location. Enjoy the opportunity to further your studies during the semester, and further your cultural experience during holiday break periods. Here are just five reasons why you should choose to study in Australia.

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