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  1. Adjustments to Perth RSMS Applications

    Applications for the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme in Perth are closed, pending review, as the newly elected Labor government announced¬†it intends to remove Perth from…

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  2. Kangaroo_study_australia_

    Why you should choose to study in Australia

    Choosing to study in Australia gives you access to high quality education, and doubles as an amazing travel location. Enjoy the opportunity to further your…

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  3. man_using_twitter_on_apple_macbook (

    Make sure you’re staying safe online

    Almost everything is online nowadays. From banking and shopping, to email and social media profiles, most information can be accessed with a simple search. Limit…

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  4. smartrider transport

    How to get around using the Perth public transport system

    Perth is a very spread out city. With suburbs in every direction the easiest way to get around is by car. However, if you are…

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  5. student-visa-perth

    Student Visa Perth – Costs, Rules and Need to Know Information

    Have you been thinking about studying in Perth, Australia? Studying abroad is a great way to experience the beauty and culture of a whole new…

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  6. Harsimran

    Harsimran ( Punjabi Singer)

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  7. kamal khan

    Kamal Khan (Bollywood Singer)

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  8. cliff_rectangle_small

    Cliff – Kenya

    Much of THANK YOU will also be less to describe your help and the support which you gave me to gain my Temporary Graduate Visa…

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  9. Paul Todd

  10. Paul Todd

    Paul Todd – UK

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