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How to Study for your English Proficiency Assessment

English proficiency testing is essential for both your Australian studies and visa applications. To gain admission into any of Australia’s leading education providers, you will need to be able to provide proof of acceptable English skill levels that meet the minimum language requirements set by each institution. The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection require you to demonstrate acceptable English skills for visa applications.

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Short-term travel visa options to Australia

Australia is an excellent place to visit with its rich culture, pristine sandy beaches and expansive outback – however, if you want to come and experience this country’s national attractions, you will need a travel visa.

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Adjustments to Perth RSMS Applications

Applications for the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme in Perth are closed, pending review, as the newly elected Labor government announced it intends to remove Perth from the list of approved regional locations for RSMS applications.

The scheme was developed by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection to allow skilled migrants to fill employment vacancies where there is a genuine need for paid employment.

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Why you should choose to study in Australia

Choosing to study in Australia gives you access to high quality education, and doubles as an amazing travel location. Enjoy the opportunity to further your studies during the semester, and further your cultural experience during holiday break periods. Here are just five reasons why you should choose to study in Australia.

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Make sure you’re staying safe online

Almost everything is online nowadays. From banking and shopping, to email and social media profiles, most information can be accessed with a simple search. Limit how much personal information you publish to keep yourself safe online. With the Internet available so easily, whether it’s on a computer or your phone, you need to be careful of what information you share with others.

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How to get around using the Perth public transport system

Perth is a very spread out city. With suburbs in every direction the easiest way to get around is by car. However, if you are new to the city and don’t have access to a vehicle, you are able to travel around Perth using its’ public transport system, Transperth. Transport services run all over the city and outer suburbs, with frequent services including buses, trains and even ferries. You can pay by cash or card per trip, but the simplest way to pay is to get yourself a Smartrider.

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